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Our Policies

We will as company show corporate responsibility by adding value for our stakeholder as well as the society. Through dialogue with our suppliers we will manage social, environmental and financial challenges in accordance with and complying to international acknowledged principles.

This is specifically addressed below, where the effort within the specific areas will be carried out in cooperation with certified organisations.
This ensures the best quality and highest transparency in these tasks.

Safe Textiles

For the safety of our customers we will avoid unwanted chemicals in our textiles and garments.

Our policies comply with current governmental rules and legislation within the fashion and textile industry.

To assure full compliance with the EU REACH regulations, both the positive list and the upcoming list, we are testing on a regular basis by sampling tests.
Our risk assessment system is based on cooperation with the international institutes Intertec and Bureau Veritas in China and India.


It is our goal to use materials that ensures a higher degree of sustainability. We know our customers’ expectations and will not compromise on the known quality or price structure in this process. On the other hand, we will go to great lengths to include sustainability in good design where this can naturally be combined.

An example is the use of new plant fibres that can be residues from food production and completely degradable.
We will also introduce re-cycled synthetic fibres.

Specific information is found on the affected products.

Animal Products

No animal, that we know of, would ask to be killed for someone to wear a fur.
So at Neo Noir we listen, and let the animals live.

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